The Upper Carniola Cycling Network is the most fantastic and carefully designed cycling network in the entire region. The network includes a variety of cycle-friendly roads and offers a unique opportunity for cycling trips with a touch of tourism. You can easily cycle between towns, do some sightseeing and meet the locals. Everyone can find a suitable cycling route and experience the Upper Carniola Region in a unique way.


There are various trail options available. You can choose a longer route where several recommended trails can be joined into one comprehensive route full of pleasures, adventures and challenges. Or, you can choose a shorter route by choosing only one of the recommended trails in the Cycling Network and then later add another trail if you wish, which can take you to a different valley. And then maybe later, however, you can decide to choose an additional trail that can take you to yet another valley and finally to the point where you originally started or wanted to finish. This is what the Upper Carniola Cycling Network is all about – a comprehensive collection of carefully selected cycling trails all in one place. The aim of the Cycling Network is to give a cyclist a full overview of all possible trails and therefore to make it easier to choose a full cycling route or perhaps even encourage someone to go or start cycling.


The Upper Carniola Cycling Network was designed by a team of cyclists and experts with the goal of bringing more cyclists into the region. All the information will be provided in a simple and useful way: a description of trails and a full trail map. The goal of the Upper Carniola Cycling Network is to make cyclists feel as comfortable and as safe as possible and consequently to increase the number of cyclists in the region.


Have fun cycling and best of luck on the road!

Interactive map

Routes of the Carniola Cycling Network

GKO – D2

Rateče – Ljubljana

96.6 km // +533m / -1.084m

GKO – G2

Šentjošt nad Horjulom – Polhov Gradec

10.4 km // +43m / -208m

GKO – G3

Cerkno – Stanežiče Dvor

51.5 km // +792m / -817m

GKO – G6

Tržič – Naklo

11.7 km // +45m / -161m

GKO – G7

Prebačevo – Kamnik

31.6 km // +254m / -236m

GKO – R6

Zgornja Sorica – Škofja Loka

31.3 km // +211m / -784m

GKO – R7

Škofja Loka – Zgornje Jezersko

52.4 km // +1.092m / -220m

GKO – R9

Žiri – Šentjošt

24.7 km // +424m / -374m

GKO – R10

Šentjošt – Polhov Gradec

10.4 km // +43m / -208m

GKO – LG01

Mojstrana – Bohinjska Bistrica

54.9 km // +1.131m / -1.275m

GKO – LG02

Krnica – Moste

10.5 km // +118m / -200m

GKO – LG03

Slovenski Javornik – Tržič

24.3 km // +350m / -373m

GKO – LG04

Križe – Velesovo

20.1 km // +283m / -379m

GKO – LG05

Železniki – Kranj

27.1 km // +553m / -626m

GKO – LG06

Bled – Podblica

25.3 km // +703m / -365m

GKO – LG07

Cerkno – Zali Log

26.1 km // +816m / -629m

GKO – LG08

Žiri – Šentjošt nad Horjulom

17.9 km // +448m / -399m

GKO – LG09

Polhov Gradec – Sora

18 km // +365m

GKO – LG10

Goričane – Križ

24.8 km // +171m / -144m