The hilly area of western Upper Carniola has challenging cycling routes, which require a good physical fitness level. The roads connecting Žiri, Gorenja Vas and Cerklje are weave between hills and through the valleys, along the rivers, meadows and forests, passing by numerous villages and cultural monuments.


Photo: Bojan Tavčar, Source: Fototeka Mestnega muzeja Idrija

Cerkno Museum

Cerkno Museum found its home in the building of an old courthouse, built just before World War I. Today, the museum has the important role of studying and exhibiting Cerklje’s rich history and the area it is located – at the junction of the Alpine and Primorska region.

Source: Archive of BSC Kranj

Gorenja vas village

The village is mainly known for the Rupnik Line from World War II. The beautiful Nesk’s footbridge was designed as a covered footbridge with a gabled roof. It is one of the most beautiful bridges of its kind in the region. In the central square of the village, there is the “Fountain of Love in the Time of Crickets”, which is dedicated to honouring love.

Photo: Jošt Gantar, Source: Archive of Turizem Škofja Loka

Žiri Museum

Žiri Museum is located in a renovated old school in a rural manor from the 17th century. It hosts collections which are specific to Žiri: the bobbin-lace and shoemaker’s collections and the National Liberation War collection and an arts collection.

Source: Archive Planinsko društvo Rovte

Vrh Svetih Treh Kraljev

On the slopes of the hill Vrh, lies an idyllic village with a beautiful view of the Alps on one side and the Notranjska region on the other. In the village there is a war bunker, part of the famous Rupnik Line from World War II. The bunker is also an entrance to an almost 1000-metre-long cave.