Despite the hills and mountains surrounding the area, cycling trails around Kranj and Škofja Loka are mainly flat. Those looking for a challenge on two wheels can extend their route in different directions towards Kranjska Gora or Cerkno, and those looking for easy, pleasant cycling can take the route by the river in the direction of lakes Trboje and Zbilje. Optionally, this route can be extended to Goričane, where we can refresh ourselves with a jump into the river, or go even further, to Škofja Loka, where we can take a walk through the rich and diverse history at Škofja Loka Castle.


Photo: Jošt Gantar, Source: STO

Kranj Old Town and Khislstein Castle

Protected as a cultural monument, the charming Old Town protects numerous important cultural and historical sights such as the house of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren, Mitničar House as one of the most important medieval houses in Kranj, the Old Post Office and its facade decorated with statues by the famous Slovenian sculptor Lojze Dolinar, and the 13th century Khislstein Castle, which hosts the Museum of the Gorenjska Region.

Photo: Jošt Gantar, Source: STO

Škofja Loka Old Town and Loka Castle

Škofja Loka has one of the best-preserved medieval old towns in Slovenia. In the Lower Square more modest houses can be found, while the Town Square has mighty houses and palaces with stone portals, painted facades and arcaded courtyards.

Standing above the Old Town in all its majesty, is Loka Castle, built in the beginning of the 13th century. The museum in the castle proudly exhibits archeological, historical, cultural, artistic, natural science and ethnological collections.

Source: Archive of Občina Medvode and Javni zavod Sotočje Medvode

Lake Zbilje

An artificial lake, that was formed after damming of the Sava river, today provides a habitat to 30 different bird species. It is often referred to as “swan lake” as it is home to more than 160 swans.

Source: Archive of Občina Medvode and Javni zavod Sotočje Medvode

Old Castle Smlednik and The Way of the Cross

The Old Castle, also called Smlednik Castle, once had an important strategic role, protecting the cargo route. The castle has been abandoned since the early 17th century and because it has not had any renovations since, today the castle represents the conception and development of the medieval castle of Central Slovenia in its purest form.

Just below the castle, there is the Way of the Cross with fourteen chapels and three crosses on the top, which is a unique architectural feature from the 18th century.

Source: Archive of Občina Medvode and Javni zavod Sotočje Medvode

Sora natural bath in Goričane

A small lake on the Sora river has a beautiful riverbank covered with grass and it is a popular tourist spot and the perfect place to refresh oneself on a hot summer day or simply for a quick stop and rest with a view of beautiful nature.