In the heart of the natural beauty of Upper Carniola region, we cycle past the famous Vintgar Gorge, a true nature’s jewel. Following the road through the Radovna Valley, we will arrive at the entrance to the Krma valley, one of the natural passages towards Mt Triglav. We will visit the small town of Mojstrana, located at the gates of the Vrata Valley, which prides itself on its long mountaineering tradition and the amazing Alpine Museum. On the eastern slopes of the Mežakla Plateau, we will cycle on a beautiful cycling route, and pass by Jesenice and Blejska Dobrava on quiet local roads.


Source: Archive of the Alpine Association of Slovenia

Slovenian Alpine Museum

The Slovenian Alpine Museum is not an ordinary museum as it offers visitors the opportunity to experience the exhibition as their own climb on the mountain. Everyone thirsty for adventure can make a virtual climb to the top of Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain. The first gamified museum in the world presents the history of mountaineering in the country.

Source: Archive of the Gornjesavski muzej Jesenice

Pocar Homestead

Pocar Homestead was built in 1775, but the farm stood there at least 400 years before. It is known as one of the oldest homesteads of Triglav National Park. Today, the homestead is an ethnographic open-air museum with an outhouse with stables, pig sty, woodshed and a well. A rich collection of exhibited objects presents an image of life in this area throughout history.

Source: Archive of LAJF d.o.o.

Radovna Valley

The valley, named after the glacial river that runs through it, is one of the most beautiful valleys of Triglav National Park. It is known for its hummocky meadows, a typical formation which is the result of glaciation in the last ice age.

Photo: Gregor Vidmar, Source: Archive of TIC Jesenice

Stara Sava iron foundry settlement

The Stara Sava foundry settlement in Jesenice was proclaimed to be a cultural monument of national significance, due to its exceptional urban, technical, architectural and historical significance. The focal point of the ironmaking settlement are the very well preserved ironmaking industrial facilities, particularly the remains of the blast furnace – a facility for melting iron ore with wood coal.

Photo: Jošt Gantar, Source: STO

Vintgar Gorge

Along its way, the River Radovna has carved a deep gorge, which today is home to picturesque natural pools, white rapids and small waterfalls. Through the nearly two-kilometre-long and up to 250-metre-deep gorge, leads a wooden pathway with bridges just above the water.