The route from Preddvor and Lake Črnava runs by the River Kokra and the valley it created. Every now and then, the diverse ascending road serves us up some divine views of the mighty wall of Mt Kočna and Grintovec. The most challenging part of the route is the ascend to Zgornje Jezersko, where enchanting Planšarsko lake leaves us in awe.


Source: Archive of BSC Kranj

Hrib Castle and Lake Črnava

Artificial Lake Črrnava and Hrib Castle, located by the lake, are among the most visited spots in Preddvor. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park with many different tree species and an old ash tree avenue, which according to legend promises a newly wed couple, 50 years of faithfulness if they walk through this promenade.

Photo: Nataša Zaplotnik, Source: Archive of Občina Preddvor

Turn Castle

Today a retirement home, the Turn Castle was built in the 14th century and first mentioned in 1408. The castle is the birthplace of the famous Slovenian poet, writer and composer Josipina Turnograjska, born in 1833.

Source: Archive of TIC Jezersko

The “Jezerska slatina” mineral water spring

“Jezerska slatina” is the name of a mineral water spring. The water has the highest magnesium content of all mineral waters in Slovenia and it is especially recommended to people with cardiovascular diseases.

Photo: Jošt Gantar, Source: Archive of Občina Jezersko

Lake Planšarsko jezero

Today, this small lake in the shape of the heart is a reminder of a once large glacial lake that covered the area of Jezersko. Every year in August, the lake hosts the Sheep Ball, the oldest Slovenian ethnographic event, which revives the lifestyle and customs of shepherds.