This diverse region of Upper Carniola has many small and narrow valleys, leading to Železniki and further on to Škofja Loka. The least challenging part for cycling is towards the village of Davča. The two more challenging routes are the ascent to Sorica and Bohinjsko sedlo (Bohinj Saddle), from where we can extend the route towards Lake Bohinj, or from Železniki towards Dražgoše, from where we can continue to viewpoint in Jamnik. Cycling on the roads around Železniki, requires endurance and effort.


Photo: Luka Kalan, Source: Archive of Mestni muzej Idrija

The Franja Partisan Hospital

Deep in the forests of the Pasica Valley hides a small complex of 14 wooden cabins, where there was a partisan hospital during World War II. It operated as an illegal hospital in difficult conditions.

Today, the hospital bears a message of peace and a symbol of humanity, companionship and solidarity. Its heroes are the people who left the safety of their homes, to fight for peace and freedom.

Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, Source: STO

Grohar birth house in Sorica village

In this idyllic alpine village, stands an important monument of Slovenian cultural heritage – the birth house of the painter Ivan Grohar. The house hosts a museum and exhibits Grohar’s memorial collection gallery as well as a collection of ethnographic objects, which were once used by local craftspeople and farmers.

Photo: Sašo Kočevar, Source: Archive of Turizem Škofja Loka


Throughout history, the village has been marked by blacksmithing and lacemaking, the traces of which can be seen at every step. The remains of the mighty blast furnace which was used for smelting iron-ore, is the only preserved furnace of its kind in Europe.

Lacemaking, the art of weaving threads into lace, came from Idrija in the late 19th century, and quickly became an important part of the cultural heritage of the area.

Photo: Jana Jocif, Source: Archive of Turizem Škofja Loka

Cankar Battalion Monument in Dražgoše

The memorial park and the monument commemorate the efforts of the Cankar Battalion in the Dražgoše battle, one of the worst battles in Slovenian history.